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Jumat, 31 Oktober 2008



AnotheR 31th OctobeR

Has come and gone away

In my life and youRs

And I've been keeping all the faiRytale

That you told me

I RemembeR when you used to tuck me

at night

with youR aRm that I held so tight

I RemembeR when the Rained dRop

I felt so feaR

You hug me and made me calm

I still RemembeR it

And the time

I stayed to watch you fade away

I've been losing you

It's so haRd to accept the fact

You'Re gone foReveR

Nothing's Real until you let go compeletely

I shan't have lied

When eveRything was going Right

And I know just why you couldn't come

along with me

And this way not ouR dReams

I still RemembeR it

On 31th OctobeR

When you passed away

*foR my beloved Dad